Minds in Motion

Minds in Motion


The Minds in Motion Program is offered through the Wellspring Health and Wellness Ministries. This program uses research-based interventions designed for mature adults to improve or maintain:

  •  Memory and mental functioning
  •  Physical abilities and functioning, including balance and leg strength
  •  Positive mental outlook (decrease or allay depression & loneliness)


The Minds in Motion program may provide benefits for the following people:

  • Mature adults who want to maintain mental and physical fitness in a fun, safe, and relaxing environment
  • Any adult diagnosed with early memory loss


Weekly activities include the following:

  • “Brain fitness” activities such as mental exercises, games, and memory enhancement
  • Exercises such as Taiji, dance, and strength and endurance training
  • Creative activities such as art, writing, photography, gardening, and storytelling
  • Social activities and community events
  • Relaxation therapies
  • Other therapies as appropriate and available.


If you are interested in learning more about Minds in Motion or are interested in participating, please call the church office (356-9078) to request a contact from one of the program directors.